Welcome the University of British Columbia, you've now been admitted into one of the finest universities in the world, located at the most beautiful place on earth. Your time here at UBC will fly, and one of the greatest ways to maximize your experience is to join a fraternity on campus. Going through ‘Rush’ (also known as Recruitment) is a no-commitment process that allows you to explore the different fraternities on campus, allowing you to find where your interests and personal morale best align with the brothers of each fraternity.

Here at Alpha Delta Phi we’re proud to be the longest standing Greek organization on campus. Being a literary fraternity we pride ourselves on the grounds of strong academics, leadership, athletics and unbreakable ties of brotherhood. With a strong and supportive alumni network across the world, Alpha Delt introduces you to a brotherhood that will help you pursue and reach your full potential as both a leader and a man. To find out about the possibility of Rushing Alpha Delta Phi or for more information regarding the Chapter, simply fill in this form and follow us on Facebook.


The spirit of brotherhood recognizes of necessity both the need of self-help and also the need of helping others in the only way which every ultimately does great god, that is, of helping them to help themselves.
— Br. Teddy Roosevelt (Alumni)