Support Your BC Alpha Delta Phi

Our Alpha Delta Phi has, throughout its history, relied on the generosity of its Alumni through both financial and social support to ensure our organization can sustain its livelihood and maintain its philosophical spirit. This support, which has come in waves in the past, has played a vital role in maintaining an environment conducive for growth, so young men can explore their hidden potential as future leaders of tomorrow.

But this scattered approach to fundraising has not allowed us to support our chapter in the way that other fraternities on campus have.

The house has served us well for the first decade, but it's now beginning to show its wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas. The house is in need of rejuvenation to withstand the activities that every fraternity house endures.

In order to become even better, we must build on top of the groundwork laid in the last 15 years. The Alpha Delta Phi Alumni must support the chapter in a way they haven't in the past.

Join us in realizing this future.

Ways to Give Back

The 1926 Club


Inspired by our founding brothers of the BC Chapter in 1926 at UBC, we invite you to become a member of our distinguished alumni by subscribing to our monthly giving program. You will join other 1926 Club members in donating $19.26 every month. This fund provides targeted funding to help make Alpha Delta Phi the best fraternity on campus. The fund that will be used in annual house improvement projects and other alumni programs.


Make a one-time donation directly to the 1926 Club House Capital Fund.


Make an annual donation directly to the 1926 Club House Capital Fund


Named after the year of the founding of our Chapter, the 1926 Club is a recurring monthly payment of $19.26 that is donated directly to the 1926 Club House Capital Fund.

Options for other monthly payment amounts are available.

Thank you to the following 1926 Club Members!

Peter Whyte BC ‘91
Daniel Olson BC ‘83
Mark Rushton BC’ 96
David MacFayden BC ‘14
Lloyd Lyson BC ‘80
Michael Spiteri BC ‘15
Benjamin Paul BC ‘16
Blair McRadu BC ‘11
Scott MacDonald BC ‘15
Kevin Keightley BC ‘08
Andrew Stewart BC ‘94
Frederick Lackmeance BC ‘88
Terence Savage BC ‘12
Troy Beaver BC ‘01
Jamie Oliver BC ‘09
Colin Keightley BC ‘11
Patrick Frost BC ‘10
Paul Godin BC ‘11
Anthony Bryson BC ‘10
Michael Yeung BC ‘10
Jerrold Perrott BC ‘05
Oliver Thorne BC ‘17
Trevor Thompson-Harry BC ‘08
Andrew King BC ‘10
Kellan Higgins BC ‘09
Ryan Fetterly BC ‘09


Want to ensure future generations of Alpha Delts can reap the same rewards from the Fraternity? Consider including Alpha Delta Phi in your will. Bequests can help support the House for years to come.

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