About the Scholarship

The ‘Alpha Delta Phi 2010 Endowment Fund’ was created by the Alpha Delta Phi, UBC Alumni Association in coordination with the Active (Student) Chapter following the 2010 Winter Olympics. During the Vancouver Olympics the Fraternity house was rented to a private company, and the proceeds established the Endowment fund to provide scholarships to young leaders.

Every year, the Kent Parker Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one (1) recipient currently attending the University of British Columbia (UBC) (male or female). 

The scholarship committee administers the awards, striving to recognise community and academic excellence. The Scholarship Committee is a sub group of the Alpha Delta Phi Alumni Association.

The funds are provided in the form of a Certificate of Registration from the Vancouver Foundation with the assistance of the University of British Columbia to be applied against the students tuition, housing or meal plan. Letting our best leaders do what they do best, lead.

Kent Parker Memorial Scholarship, Value: $2500 (Current University Student) 

Awarded to a UBC Undergraduate Student that has exemplified leadership in a UBC campus or a Vancouver community organization. Successful applicants are active community members and balance both athletic and academic achievement.

* Download the application form above which outlines eligibility and written requirements.

2019 Timeline:

April 30th - 11:59pm (Vancouver time)

All documents must be submitted.

May 1 to June 15th

The Scholarship Committee will be meeting to discuss applicants.


The Scholarship will be awarded to the winner.

Submit all applications to the Scholarship Committee Chairman, follow directions listed in the application. Late applications will not be accepted. 

Ryan Fetterly, BC'09, Scholarship Committee Chairman

E-mail:     scholarships@alphadelt.ca     


Past Recipients:

2018 - Shoshana Cooper, Kent Parker Memorial Scholarship

2016-2017, Santiago Perez, Alpha Delta Phi Community Service Award

2016-2017, Matan Halevy, Kent Parker Leadership Award

2015-2016, Jeff Hart, Alpha Delta Phi Community Service Award

2015-2016, Danny Cockburn, Kent Parker Leadership Award

2014-2015, Janzen Lee

2013-2014, David MacFayden

2012-2013, Oliver Thorne

Fund Management (Vancouver FoundatIon)  

In 2010 the Alpha Delta Phi Alumni Association selected the Vancouver Foundation to manage our endowment funds. The Foundation is Canada's largest community foundation and has over 70 years of experience. Over the past 5+ years working with the Vancouver Foundation the scholarship committee has found the process of both growing the fund and issuing scholarships to be very easy. With our funds effectively managed, and annual allotments predetermined the committee can focus on selected the best applicants. 


Every year we receive hundreds of dollars in donations from Alpha Delta Phi Alumni helping us increase the value of our annual scholarships. Your donation goes directly to the endowment principal, and the scholarship committee maintains the principal by only allocating a sustainable amount, 4% annually. 

If you would like to make a donation or a planned monthly giving, click below and follow the steps on our custom Vancouver Foundation page. All donations to the 2010 Endowment Fund are tax deductible. 

2010 Club

The 2010 Club, named after the year in which the endowment was created is a monthly giving program. We hope to one day  award three FULL Tuition scholarships to young leaders attending UBC, and are building our endowment 20 dollars at a time ($20.10/month). Anyone can register by clicking on the "2010 Endowment Donation Webpage" above. At year end the Vancouver Foundation provides a tax deductible slip for all donations made throughout the calendar year. The funds go directly into the principal helping the scholarship committee award more funds to deserving young leaders every year. 

Monthly donations are a key way to help grow our fund long term and as a member you will receive an invite to the scholarship presentation ceremony held annually in Vancouver in September.  

Legacy Giving 

If you want to enrich the Alpha Delta Phi community with scholarships for years to come, consider creating a permanent legacy by leaving a gift in your Will to the Alpha Delta Phi British Columbia 2010 Endowment Fund held at Vancouver Foundation. For more information on giving to the endowment, contact Kerri Waite at Vancouver Foundation or refer to the attachment below.



For Vancouver Foundation questions contact:  

Kerri Waite | Manager, Donor Services

Suite 200 - 475 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC  Canada V6B 4M9

D. 604.638.8738 | C. 604.657.2729 | www.vancouverfoundation.ca | 


For application clarification please e-mail scholarships@alphadelt.ca or for Vancouver Foundation specific questions contact Kerri Waite, our account manager.