You’ve been invited to become a member of our founding group of distinguished alumni, who will maintain and improve the best house on campus.


In joining the 1926 Club, you contribute $19.26 every month. This fund provides a regular contribution of targeted funding to help make Alpha Delta Phi the best fraternity on campus. The fund will be used to realize this vision by providing annual house improvements and other alumni programs.


Join your brothers in support of our chapter

The goal is to reach 50 members of the 1926 Club by the end of 2020.


Why we need help now

Over the last couple months we've consulted with the active chapter and conducted site visits to understand the highest priority needs of the chapter. Estimations were made by a professional contracting company on those projects that need the most attention.

The first projects will be to upgrade the Chapter Room and having a larger Brothers in Arms statue commissioned.

Since 2003, the new houses have led to an increased interest in the Greek System. As a result, all fraternities have seen an increase in membership; and Alpha Delta Phi has won consecutive EO Blackman Awards from International for demonstrating excellence in many areas, including house management and recruitment. 

However, since 2003, the alumni associations of DKE, Fiji, Psi Upsilon, and Phi Delta Theta have invested thousands into house improvements, recognizing the importance of a well-maintained house in attracting new members, guests, and fostering a desirable culture. In order to compete in an increasingly competitive environment, it is our responsibility to ensure the chapter has the foundation to continue to excel. As alumni, we need to build for the future, and the house is an indication of the chapter both past and present. Undoubtedly, an amazing chapter house results in great men.

How will your Alpha Delta Phi legacy be remembered?

  • 100% of the donation goes directly towards the fraternity.

  • Small donations from many brothers will allow us to do big things.

  • Fund activities that allow you to engage with Alpha Delta Phi and give back, financially and professionally.

  • Be competitive in attracting quality rushees and ultimately, brothers

  • Win the best Alpha Delta Phi Alumni Association

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